Waste Management

RFID solutions for waste managing, tracking and disposing.

TagItalia is a leader in providing products and solutions for Waste Management, namely the sector which includes collection, transportation, treatment or disposal, managing and monitoring of waste materials, sorting or door to door.

Thanks to RFID technology it is possible to achieve a high level of automation for all these activities in order to create a comprehensive Waste Traceability Systems and control of all related operations.

Speaking of vehicle control, thanks to implanted RFID tags it is possible to identify vehicles from a distance and record all the operations performed with their related data (schedules, entrance and exit, user identification, liters of fuel supplied, weight of collected waste, etc.).

A high level of automation is achieved in pilotís control applications, dumpster identification, approval of the operator, identification of special or hazardous waste, logistics of collection and disposal activities. Also mentioning the waste tracking management, either for automated or door to door collection. This will make possible to provide the identification of dumpsters owners for statistical purposes and differentiated billing.

Many advantages come from using RFID solutions in Waste Management, both in terms of the environment (reduction of unsorted waste and the consequent improvement of the quality of disposed recycled products) and for the significant increase in the efficiency of management and bureaucratic processes.

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